was the exploration of the landscape of human connectedness and collective action of inhabitants of Manorhamilton and surroundings. Artist Susanne Bosch takes a strong interest in the resilience of local communities through collective action. The artist explored the question of recognizing interdependence and living together as an art of cohabitation out of conviction but also based on the insight of urgent necessity. Meitheal describes the old Irish tradition where people in rural communities gathered together to help each other. Reciprocity and acting as one team is generating a huge level of camaraderie and friendship.

FROM I TO WE used various formats to engage with site and public such as public conversations, collective songwriting going along with a video and fortelling the future of the place. It is based on co-creation and recognizing significant local talents and expertise as well as ideas and visions.


FROM I TO WE – collective songwriting

The participatory project FROM I TO WE is based on the observation of significant local talents and expertise in music and poetry and a strong community spirit in form of celebration. It invited local people to voice the future of this place through a collective process of songwriting which will lead to the development of a collective song, over the coming year.

Bosch used empty shop windows in Manorhamilton in order to inform a wider public about the invitation to submit their song lines. In Prevision I, a person is facing an audience yet to attend, to witness her testimony, which is also yet to be written. The figure with a bare back is standing still and attentive towards the still empty space ahead of her. The soundtrack of the video is a male voice repeating “I remember, I care, I wish”. The video was projected in the gallery and onto the window space of the gallery where it was highly visible for passers-by on the street.


FROM I TO WE – conversations

From I to We invited on 11th-13th September to a series of conversations initiated by Susanne Bosch in collaboration with the Leitrim Sculpture Centre and fellow artists. The general themes for these conversations were common space, the liberation of ownership, the role of artists in the wider field. The second conversation dealt with experiences moving from I to We and the Do’s and Don’ts of Working Together. Finally the three artists-in-residence in LSC in Summer 2015 discussed their experience and learning as Citizen-Artists.  

Bosch created a seating area out of up-cycled palettes in the gallery window. She offered the free space for further conversations as place to have meaningful conversations.



FROM I TO WE – 2025, Prevision II

In the exhibition one finds the copy of an article published on 10th December 2025, announcing that Manorhamilton got awarded the Nobel Prize for a joint future viable Community Action. The article describes how the community developed the place and community. The article is based on visions and concrete ideas that local people shared with her in the last couple of weeks.



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