Moderation / Facilitation

Eine kritische Freundin sein, auch Forscherin, Denkerin, Schreibende, Moderatorin, Mentorin, Reisebegleitung. All diese Rollen beinhalten fünf Dinge:
-Prozesse kennen, ausdauernd und präzise sein.
-Zeit, um den Kontext der vorgestellten Arbeit und die Ergebnisse, auf die die Person oder Gruppe hinarbeitet, so gut wie möglich zu verstehen.
-Eine Anwältin für den Erfolg dieser Arbeit zu sein.
-Eine kreative Suche nach dem bestmöglichen Format unternehmen, um den Prozess zu unterstützen.
-Radikal darauf vertrauen, dass der Prozess der Co-Creation das Beste und auch Unerwartetste hervorbringen wird.

Being a critical friend, researcher, thinker, writer, facilitator, mentor, moderator, travel companion. All these roles implicate five things:
-Knowing the nature of processes, being consistent and precise.
-Time to fully understand the context of the work being presented and the outcomes the person or group is working towards.
-Being an advocate for the success of that work.
-Searching creatively for the best format possible to support the process.
-Being radically trustful that the process of co-creation will bring out the best possible in this situation. 


2022: Collegial Supervision of the Artist Mentoring Programme ÜBENÜBENÜBEN³, Montag Foundation

2021-2022: Moderation / format design of the „Critical Friends“ workshops at Witra KuBi – Knowledge Transfer in Cultural Education, funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

2019-2022: Process Facilitator for There’s something wrong with my hands. Oh yes, they’re not holding you. Initiated by curator and graphic designer Annett Höland in the framework of the funding programme Buch und Literatur Ost+. Based on two essays by the cultural theorist Vilém Flusser (The Non-thing 1 and The Non-thing 2), a team investigated how digital and analogue means can make multi-layered content accessible and create space for encounter and collaboration. With Hanna Bergman, designer, The Reading School, Copenhagen, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz: artist and lecturer, Zurich, Annett Höland: curator and graphic designer (project initiator and manager), Schaan / Liechtenstein, Anita Jori, linguist and researcher, Vilem Flusser Archive, Berlin, Silvio Lorusso: artist and researcher, Rotterdam, Hannes Oswald: architect, Zurich

2021-2023: Process Facilitator for generationKUNST2, art schools shape the WE! Development and Transformation Process; a model programme of the Lower Saxony Association of Art Schools, funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, Hannover

2019-2021: External Consultant and Change Process Facilitator: Content-related, structural and formal development of 2 Study Programmes within the  Institute of Performative Practice, Art and Education (IPKB) an institute for a contemporary art educator training, working title: THE FUTURE HERE, at the Braunschweig University of Art and Design

2019-2020 : Independent researcher/artist/writer for What Does He Need? in collaboration with artist Fiona Whelan, theatremakers brokentalkers and RYP, Dublin 8

2017-2019: Researcher for generationKUNST, a model project in Lower Saxonie, lead by Landesverband der Kunstschulen Niedersachsen e.V., Hannover

2014-18: Researcher for Creative Europe Project COLLAB Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) „Learning Exchange on Collaborative Art”. Partner Create (Ireland) with Tate Liverpool (UK), Live Art Development Agency (UK), m-cult (Finland), Hablanarte (Spain), Agora (Germany), Kunsthalle Osnabrück (Germany) and Ludwig Museum (Hungary)

2016: External Consultant for the Ministry of Higher Education, Palestine

since 2014: Researcher, Thinker, Writer, Facilitator for Montag Stiftung Kunst und Gesellschaft, Bonn (Foundation for Art and Society)

2010-14: External Evaluator for BA in Fine Art, International Academy of Art Palestine, Ramallah

2013: External Consultant for Norwegian Representative Office, Ram,  Palestine

2013: Re-accreditation member at AQUIN, for MFA Art in Context, UDK Berlin

8/06-8/2012: Course Director of the MA Art in Public (since 2009 together with Dan  Shipsides), University of Ulster, Belfast

8/06-8/2012: Member of Research Centre Interface, Strand: Art and its Locations/ FOCUS: Art in Contested Spaces and Art & Documentation, University of Ulster, Belfast (Directors: Prof Declan McGonagle and Prof Dr Kerstin Mey and some colleagues: Sarah Pearce, Anthony Haughey, Julie Bacon, Ruth Morrow, Doris Rohr, Saoirse Higgins)

8/06-8/2012: Full member of the Research Institute, University of Ulster, Belfast

1/05-7/2006: Assistant Professor of the international MFA-programme Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus University Weimar,