Minus EGO, Barcelona

Minus EGO, Barcelona

Minus Ego is an exhibition addressing universal and timeless questions of “ego”, focusing on the challenging aspects of its reduction as well as on a search for the contemplative essence.

In the video Prevision I, by Susanne Bosch, a naked body faces an empty theatre. The almost static image becomes a metaphor of the self facing the theatre of life – empty, but full of possibilities – with a voice-over that remarks the stages – past, present and future – of life: I remember, I care, I wish.

Curated by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio
Artists: Jordi Tolosa, Toni Serra *) Abu Ali, Susanne Bosch, Christoph Schwarz, Kimsooja, Michael Wesely, Antoni Tàpies, Thilo Droste, Jakob und Manila Bartnik.



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