Minus EGO, Barcelona

Susanne Bosch at Minus Ego, Barcelona 2016

Minus EGO, Barcelona

Minus Ego is an exhibition addressing universal and timeless questions of “ego”, focusing on the challenging aspects of its reduction as well as on a search for the contemplative essence.

In the video Prevision I, by Susanne Bosch, a naked body faces an empty theatre. The almost static image becomes a metaphor of the self facing the theatre of life – empty, but full of possibilities – with a voice-over that remarks the stages – past, present and future – of life: I remember, I care, I wish.

Curated by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio
Artists: Jordi Tolosa, Toni Serra *) Abu Ali, Susanne Bosch, Christoph Schwarz, Kimsooja, Michael Wesely, Antoni Tàpies, Thilo Droste, Jakob und Manila Bartnik.



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