Observer / Documentor




Gustav Mahler Private University for Music (GMPU) - main research institution

Project lead

Prof. Dr. Hanns Holger Rutz


In Arbeit / In progress

Laufzeit / Duration

Feb-April 2024

Rolle + Aufgabe / Role + Tasks Susanne Bosch

Participation in the spring 2024 research retreat of "Simultaneous Arrivals" in Lecce (Italy), facilitation, implementation and documentation of experiments in artistic research in this project.

Notes / Bemerkungen

simularr is an artistic research project on ‘novel / different kinds of collaborative approaches among interdisciplinary artistic practices’, running between autumn 2022 and autumn 2025, based in Klagenfurt and Graz, Austria. The project website is where you can find a synopsis, research objectives, and the project team.

The core team (the team that remains constant across the project’s duration) is formed by Hanns Holger Rutz (project lead and co-principle investigator; at GMPU), Nayarí Castillo-Rutz (co-principle investigator; at TU Graz), and Franziska Hederer (co-principle investigator; at TU Graz). The team is supported by research associate Daniele Pozzi who is currently a doctoral candidate at KUG Graz.

Moderation / Facilitation, Research
Artistic research, Documentation, Facilitation