ADS: A miracle in the Holy Land? 2013

Seminar with Prof Dr Salim Tamari and Dr Susanne Bosch, January 2013

Images © Sibylle Hofter, 2013

Arab Development Society: A miracle in the Holy Land? The seminar with Prof Dr Salim Tamari, director of the Institute of Palestine Studies and an adjunct professor at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University and Dr Susanne Bosch, artist on 5 January 2013 at the International Art Academy Palestine, Ramallah. It was based on the artistic work in the Birzeit Museum by the artist Susanne Bosch. The work introduces the strategies of transformation and creation of Palestinian civil society that The Arab Development Society (ADS) originally committed to in its beginning in the 1950s. Generations of Palestinians have been trained and raised in their ethos, which focused on introducing a life that focused on people, skills and land. The incentive was the idea of a joint, collaborative, social action to transform the Palestinian civil society. The seminar also tackled the exploration of the archive and dialogue, which led the artist to explore the current and past transformation process of ADS as act of collective learning and production as well as spatial inhabitation and cultivation.




International Art Academy Palestine, Ramallah

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