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Subjects that don’t count. Places that are not important.

Solo Show, Kunstverein Würzburg

Germany, 15 March-19 April 2009

This installation is generated from excerpts taken from the artist’s extensive archive of ordinary life and everyday observations . The piece is a multi-media installation consisting of 18 sound tracks, 175 films, and 986 images originating from the Balkans, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Burma and Ireland.

The artist understands each geographical location as conditioned by history; material qualities; movements; activities and narratives. What happens on a daily basis in a particular place is the key observation for her archive of everyday life. Wherever traveling she observes life in that specific locus of activity. 99.9% of our lifetime seems to be filled with trivial memories, we forget them. They are often banal, ugly, or boring. We prefer to emphasize the exciting details. We speak about the special dinner, the fortunate incident, or bad luck we had.

Since 2003, the artist has been observing migratory cultures. What happens between leaving and arriving? The normality of an individual life – a life lived in a new space.

Themen, die nicht zählen, Orte, die nicht wichtig sind

Einzelausstellung, Kunstverein Würzburg


Susanne Bosch realisiert im Kunstverein Würzburg eine audio-visuelle Installation.
Die räumliche Ausgangssituation – der Frachtraum des ehemaligen Mainfrachters – war Inspiration für die raumspezifische Installation, die sich mit Bewegung und Mobilität beschäftigt. Die Installation umfasst Film-, Audio- und Bildelemente seit 2003, einer Zeit in der sich Susanne Bosch vertieft mit Migration und OTHERNESS auseinandersetzt.

Infoblatt (in German)

Rede Regina Pemsl (in German)

Presse (in German)

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Soundscape Wuerzburg