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    Susanne Bosch  
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I am an artist, educator, researcher, trained non-violent conflict consultant, art of hosting and open space facilitator. I achieved a PhD about her public artwork in 2012. From 2007-2012, I developed and led the Art in Public master programme at the University of Ulster in Belfast together with Dan Shipsides. From 2006 until 2012 I was  a member of the Research Center Interface at UU. I work predominantly in public and on long-term questions, which tackle creative arguments around the ideas of democracy and future viable forms of living and working. Works include among other things issues around money, migration, surviving, work, societal visions and participation models.

Consequently my work as an artist and educator as well as facilitator deals with creative forms of communication and negotiation as well as a horizontal approach of communication between all present people in settings. I am regularly using Future Workshops and elements of World Cafe in her teaching as well as mediation and coaching methods in supporting students. I have used Open Space and other Art of Hosting methods in public art commisisons and in other settings. I am looking at the role of the artist and the artwork as bridgemaker and shuttle between various constituencies involved in site or situation.

2015                Art of Hosting Training, St. Gerolds, Austria
2013-14           Systemic Constellation Facilitator, trained by Siegfried Essen, Kassel
2012                PhD by publication, Learning for Civil Society Through Participatory Public Art, University of Ulster, Belfast
2010                Completion of Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice (Effective Research Supervision, The Pedagogy of eLearning, Learning, Teaching and Assessment in HE), University of Ulster, Belfast
2008                Open Space Facilitator, trained in Belfast by Boscop, Berlin, Germany
2004                Certified Non-Violent Conflict Consultant, four month training course, Academy for Conflict Transformation, ForumZFD, Bonn, Germany
1999                Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt art IT, comprehensive professional training programme for female artists, Berlin, Germany
1990-96           Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Meisterschülerin (1995) and 1. Staatsexamen (1996), University Erlangen, Nuremberg
1993                Exchange Student at Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain


8/06-8/2012     Course Director of the MA Art in Public (since 2008 together with Dan Shipsides), University of Ulster, Belfast

The MA Art in Public has evolved from current complex concerns for the role of art and artists in a changing society.  It is based in Belfast, where engaged art practices have been developed in various “contested spaces” for many years. The programme seeks to develop testing modes of working that are dialogic, participatory, interventionist or collaborative in intention and structure.

Throughout the programme students will work with formal / informal external partners and be expected to develop self initiated, innovative practice based approaches.

External examiners: Doina Petrescu and Claire Doherty

Guests included: Walid Raad, Alfredo Jaar, Douglas Scholes, Finger, Monica Nunez, Guerilla Girls, Locus+, Sean Miller / JEMA, Anne Douglas, Doina Petrescu, Anthony Haughey, Wendy Ewald, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Daniel Jewesbury, Sharon Lifschitz, Carmen Mörsch, Sarah Pierce, Bbeyond, Cathal McLaughlin and John Johnston

Details can be found here: masterartinpublic.wordpress.com/


1/05-7/2006    Assistant Professor of the international MFA-programme Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus University Weimar


The Faculty of Art and Design (Gestaltung) at the Bauhaus-University Weimar began its international Master of Fine Arts (mfa) course of study – "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies" – in winter semester 2001/2002. This course of studies was conceived by the department of fine arts. It is the first and, to date, the only program of its kind in Germany.

In their studies, students focus on art projects that go beyond the protective space of the museum and gallery. The points of departure are the different strategies and interventions of artists working in public space today. Urban configurations, parks and gardens, landscapes and new media are all included within the definition of public space. The definition also includes works which are communicated through radio, television or the internet.

The goal of the course of study is to prepare the students to deal with the particular situation of art in association with and in the public realm, and to enable effective artistic interventions in public space.

Details can be found here: www.uni-weimar.de/mfa

Teaching disciplines: Contemporary Art, Public Art Practice and Theory, Facilitation Techniques, Post-graduate and PhD Research Supervisor.

2007-2012 Excursions to Berlin, Bessbrook, Dublin, Tipperary, Leitrim, Kassel

2007-2012 Cultural Practices in Context. This module contributes to the development of students’ ability to pursue further academic study or to practice as an independent cultural producer/facilitator.

2007-2012 Exploration and Enquiry. A practice based module that provides students with the necessary critical, practical and intellectual framework to investigate and develop a sustainable creative practice at Masters level.

2007-2012 Development. This practice-based module develops skills and experience concerning the research process, its management, documentation, dissemination and evaluation. It facilitates sustained independent inquiry within a clearly determined creative, intellectual and intuitive area, fostering responsive modes of engagement with publics and/or consumers.

2007-2012 Masters Project. This practice-based module provides a period of sustained self-motivated and practice-led creative engagement. It will bring to a resolution stage a body of work relevant to the focus of your master’s project. It realises key skills and knowledge concerning the management, documentation, evaluation and dissemination of creative and practice-led research process in the public domain.

2010-2012 Critical Context of Public Practice. This module is a critical and experiential introduction to the key discourses around contemporary art practice in public settings. Using a thematic approach it will examine the complexity of these practices as amongst others, socially engaged practice, site-specific artworks, interventions and political activism.

2007-2010 How the Arts Think. This module provides a historical and thematic introduction to current debates about the relationship between art and thought, art and language, art and interpretation which acknowledge that art-making can itself be a way of ‘doing’ history and of making conceptual propositions.

2007-2008 Information, Writing, Communication Module in research methodologies, MA matrix

09/2008 Open Space Technology, Facilitator training, 8 days Interface Summer School, Connswater Community Centre, Belfast

08/2007 Artists In Communication, 4 days Interface Summer School, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

2-7/2006 Weekly workshop and seminar Too Much Theory in research methods and self guided exploration of relevant theory, 4,5 h/ week, MFA level, international programme

10/2005-2/2006 Weekly workshop and seminar Taking the lead in Professionalisation of artists in public space (Project management skills and submitting knowledge about social insurances, taxes, financial – and time management) MFA level, international programme

2005-2006 Monday night lectures, weekly moderation of a guest lecture and discussion with artists, curators, theoriticans, MFA level, international programme, open for the general public

2005-2006 Excursions to Leipzig, Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Den Haag and Berlin

2005-2006 Practice based project module with final implementation of public art pieces, MFA level, international programme

2005-2006 Critique Session, weekly presentation of students work, analyses of the work, MFA level, international programme

2011-12 External Examiner for the BFA Programme in Contemporary Visual Art, International Academy of Art, Palestine (IAAP)

2011-12 External Mentor for MRes, CIT, Cork

2011 Tutorials at MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment, LIT, Limerick

2010 Guest lecturer at the International Academy of Art Palestine, Ramallah

2008-2011 Facilitation workshops and seminars by guests such as Walid Raad, Alfredo Jaar, Suzanne Lacy, Shelley Sacks, Jan Verwoert, Ultrared, Bik Van der Pol, Horst Hoheisel, finger

9/2008 Summer School Art in Public, Open Space Technology Training, Belfast, in collaboration with Dr. Cherie Driver, Jo Töpfer, Michael M Pannwitz (organiser and student)

2007-8 Dialogue, Negotiation, Collaboration, Participation: Towards a Better Future, seminar series, Belfast (locations: UU, Belfast Exposed, PLACE, Golden Thread Gallery)

9/2007 Summer School Art in Public, Artistic Communication Forms in Spaces of Social Interaction, Belfast, in collaboration with Catalyst Arts, Francis Zeischegg, Ailbhe Murphy and Ele Carpenter

2006 Monday Night Lectures »TEMPORARY INTERVENTIONS« in co-operation with the ACC Gallery Weimar:

08/05/2006 Nina Lundström, artist and curator, Weimar

15/05/2006 Dr. Michael Tacke, Büro Orange, Munich

22/05/2006 Jennifer Geigel Mikulay, University of Wisconsin-Madison

29/05/2006 Wolfram Höhne/ Co-operative art practice, Weimar

12/06/2006 Turbine/ Daniel Klapsing & Simon Kiepe, artist, Weimar

19/06/2006 Dr. Klaus Klemp, Head of Culture Department of the city Frankfurt a.M.

26/06/2006 Larissa Fassler, artist, Berlin/ Montreal

03/07/2006 Cathy Butterworth, curator, Liverpool

10/07/2006 Prof. Kerstin Mey, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Director of Art & Design Research Institute at the University of Ulster

2005/06 Monday Night Lectures »ART AND COMMEMORATION« in cooperation with the ACC Gallery Weimar:

12.10.2005 Malcolm F. Miles: University of Plymouth

14.11.2005 film »Greetings from Dachau« by Bernd Fischer, Berlin

21.11.2005 Liz Bachhuber, artist and professor, Weimar

28.11.2005 Dr. Ute Holl, film historian, Weimar/ Hamburg and Ronald Hirte, archiologist and historian, Weimar

05.12.2005 Dagmar Demming, artist, Erfurt

12.12.2005 Martin Schönfeld, Büro Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Berlin

14.12.2005 Horst Hoheisel, artist, Kassel

16.01.2006 Dusica Drazic, artist, Serbia & Montenegro and Sam Hopkins, artist, Great Britain

30.01.2006 Kathrin Becker, curator, Berlin

06.02.2006 Felix Ensslin, philosopher, curator, dramaturg, author, lecturer, Berlin

2005 Monday Night Lecture »NEW ARTISTIC STRATEGIES« in cooperation with the ACC Gallery Weimar

04.04.2005 Mick O’Kelly, artist, Dublin, Ireland 

11.04.2005 Susanne Bosch, artist, Berlin, Germany  

18.04.2005 Randall Anderson, artist, Montréal, Canada 

25.04.2005 Films by Maya Deren 

27.04.2005 Dr. Ute Holl, Faculty of Media, BUW Weimar  

09.05.2005 Daniela Brasil, artist, urbanist, Weimar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  

23.05.2005 Films by Maya Deren 

27.05.2005 Peter Zorn, Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V., Filmmaker, co-founder of Werkleitz Gesellschaft Halle, Germany  

06.06.2005 LIGNA, Ole Frahm und Michael Hüners, audio artists and media theorists, Hamburg, Germany 

20.06.2005 Dr. Horst Hoheisel, artist, Guest Professor, Faculty of  Art and Design, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Kassel  

27.06.2005 Dipl. Ing. Andreas Niemand, Academic Assistant Professor, Faculty of Media, Interface Design, Bauhaus-University Weimar  

04.07.2005 Ralf Homann, Artist, professor at Faculty of Media for  experimental Radio, Bauhaus-University Weimar  

11.07.2005 Dr. Holger Kube-Ventura, Art scientist/ Theoretician, program manager at the Federal Art Foundation of Germany, Halle, Germany

2005 4 days workshop in Documentation, University of Oxford Brookes, MFA in Social Sculpture, Erasmus Teaching Exchange

2004 Workshop » Mediation« and »biographical work« in the frame of a Conflict Management

2003 4 days workshop in Professionalisation of artists working in public space (Project management skills and submitting knowledge about social insurances, taxes, financial – and time management) MFA level, international programme