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    Susanne Bosch  
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© Susanne Bosch, film stills, 2013

attempt from Susanne Bosch on Vimeo.

6’44 min
Filming: Susanne Bosch, Hamdan Bahboh & Dragan Miloshevski
Editing: Susanne Bosch
Music: 'How to Breathe Underwater' by Christopher Cerrone
© Susanne Bosch, 2012

“Attempt” is a film about the attempt to create a beautiful moment.

It was filmed in various locations in the West Bank over a period of 2 years from 2010-2012. Its origin lays in a public art project executed in December 2010 and June 2011.

Bosch says: “This project developed over a period of one year and it gave me an in depth inside in the possibilities of an artwork in the Occupied Territories. Living in Belfast, I know how long it takes to get an understanding of site and situation beyond the official line. How to unpack the West Bank within very limited periods of time resources? Public art making is an expression of fundamental interest in people. It deals about forms of living together and uncovering the creative capital within that. Grant Kester proposed in his book Conversation Pieces to think about a long-term relationship with a place or community, even if one cannot become part of it. I created the image of a family friend, the returning guest, the loyal person that cannot share all daily life, but some moments of it. “Public art making is a cross-disciplinary act, it focuses on the bridging of a number of elements that are not soley inherent within the art field and strengthen linkages between society shaping disciplines. As such, public art making may be considered as a practical response to the question of the role of creative, responsible citizens in a (global) society.”

With many thanks to:
The International Academy of Art Palestine,
PPF Youth Volunteer Group Birzeit,
Jericho Municipality,
Jalazone Refugee Camp,
Art Council Northern Ireland,
Research-based Art/Art-based Research Kiel.

Filmed in various locations in the West Bank in 2010 and 2011.