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    Susanne Bosch  
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Flash ist Pflicht!

audio, 2 min 13’, @ Susanne Bosch 2013 with contributions from Michael Schäfer and Beatrix Bertsch

Download text version here.

as part of

StudioVisits and "HAPPY NEW BONDS#1"
in „Platform Project @ Art-Athina”, Art-Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair Athens, 2013
16 – 19 MAY 2013

Bond means a band that ties; it means confinement, captivity; it means a duty, a promise; it means binding agreement; it means that there is a chemical bond that causes two or more parts to cohere;
Bond means a sum of money paid as bail; it means a bond paper.
"HAPPY NEW BONDS" challenges all those meanings mentioned above.
„HAPPY NEW BONDS“ deals with the notion of bond, promise, debt and their interconnection to the art work and the art-system/market.
In „Platform Project @ Art-Athina" STUDIOvisits intents to present the collaborative performative installation titled „HAPPY NEW BONDS#1“.

„HAPPY NEW BONDS#1“ takes as starting point two elements from the work „PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! The design of Debt“ by berlin-based artist Vassiliea Stylianidou.

With the work „PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! The design of Debt“ Vassiliea Stylianidou produces (a work as) a debt. Additional to that she issues ART-BONDS in order to redeem that debt.

STUDIOvisits takes those ART-BONDS and use them as a gift.

„HAPPY NEW BONDS#1“ opens up a series of transactions without the intervention of money. What kind of values, more or less termporary are at stake here?

The booth of STUDIOvisits in „Platform Project @ Art-Athina" will be transformed to a mise-en-scene for text, sound, voices inviting the visitors to reflect upon and give their point of view around notions such as production of value, temporariness AND EMERGENCY.

Janine Eggert, Maria Tsagkari, Société Réaliste, Heiko    Schmid,    Susanne Bosch,  Andrea Lange/AA..LL, Lina Theodorou, Antonakis Christodoulou, Reena Katz, Katerina Iliopoulou, Stevphen    Shukaitis, Georgios Papadopoulos, Nadia Kalara, Nana Sachini, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Valentina Karga, Chryssa Tsampazi, Maria Papadimitriou, Jens Christian Madsen, Lorenz Erdmann, Michelangelo Corsaro, Angela Dimitrakaki, Nuno Vicente, Zoe Giabouldaki, Gigi Argyropoulou,    
Despina Panagiotopoulou, For An Anonymous Fugitive Author.
„Platform Project @ Art-Athina” is coordinated by artist/curator Artemis Potamianou.

The objective of the project is to map artistic action as it is produced in the context of collective initiatives by artists who decide to join forces in seeking answers to artistic questions by creating the so-called platforms.
STUDIOvisits means STUDIO(to the power of)visits, the artist´s studio –both physical and conceptual- that visits. STUDIOvisits´ itineraries are translocal.
STUDIOvisits  is a project of encounters taken in random intervals between artists, theorists, poets, musicians, architects and the general public. STUDIOvisits ´ starting point is the desire to find new formats that will communicate both the process and the outcome of artistic concepts.
STUDIOvisits  poses the question of whether it is possible for artists to re/generate through collaboration and exchange the sociopolitical and aesthetic value of their work. STUDIOvisits  aims to function as an OPEN SOURCE PROJECT in analogue space and time. Therefore it is open to ideas and concepts for encounters. STUDIOvisits is a project initiated by Vassiliea Stylianidou.