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    Susanne Bosch  
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© Sa'd Njoum, Birzeit Museum and Susanne Bosch, 2012

On 3rd October 2012 from 7.30 - 11.30 pm a silent night trail took part in Jericho from the Ein Dyuk spring to the Arab Development Society. 70 people walked in one line from the mountains through the city to the desert and edge of Jericho to the border of Jordan.


I will not speak for the entire walk and remain in complete silence.

I will walk in one line. I will follow one person in front of me.

I will turn my mobile phone off and not use it.

I will not take any images.

I will not smoke.

I will not re-act to any direct or indirect responses from pass-byers.

We will make 2 stops for water and toilet demands.

We will have people with us who will talk to the audience, answer questions and secure the traffic for us.

There will be one documentation team with us, filming and photographing.

We will start the walk after an introduction to the situation and context.

We will end the walk with a joint meal and conversation about our experiences and observations.


Jericho – beyond the celestial and terrestrial. Initiated by Birzeit Museum.

Supported by the Goethe Institute Ramallah.

1. Why was I created a Palestinian?
2. A nice feeling, walking in the moon light, the nature of the place, sound of water.
3. When nature talks man should listen, relativity in size between man and place, different proportions. Difference between high and low lands felt through air movement and temperature. I heard crickets and water running. I heard people talking and arguing. The moon started its journey with us; we watched it during the walk.
4. Sound of water was strong and sweet, and the smell of damp grass and soil was as sweet.
5. Through walking we noticed many things: mountains, valleys, water running, walking paved and unpaved streets, is it effecting our senses?!
6. Walking through the geography of the place trying the unfamiliar. Human memory passing through the sounds and scents of the place. Like a dream. Flowing along with the water, like the flow of the blood. Migration to the south.
7. Jericho, closest to earth furthest from heaven. Where is Jericho from this wonderful event : its intellectuals, artists. The helpers “guide” creative chaos.
8. The best thing in the trail is the silence. I was listening to everybody’s movement and I saw some ruins during the trail.
9. A rhythm, breaking the silence with the sounds of footsteps( silence that was and wasn’t )
10. It was a great feeling; I will do this again on my own.
11. Watching the change of the landscape from one place to another along the walk, it was an amazing sight.
13. The snapshots were too much, loosing concentration with every flash! There was also a problem with how quick the walking was.
14. How beautiful it is to discover new things in the place u used to live in day after day, more beauty and grace.
15. The beautiful thing in this trail is getting together.
16. I loved the trail, commitment of silence.
17. I liked the great sound of the water, annoyed by the dogs barking.
18. I loved the trail, the quietness through which we heard voices of water, animals. It was a very nice feeling.
19. The walk was slow.
20. The shadows of people in the night, the lighting, it would have made great photos. Voice of water was great, thank you for the experience.
21. Gives me the feeling of mission impossible. Didn’t feel like this ever. It was a great feeling that made me go more and more silent. Reminds me of many things, a mortar’s funeral, going at night to face the Israeli army, gives me a great feeling of euphoria that makes me feel a part of nature.
22. A great journey, voice of running water, animals. The people amazed by our silence.
27. I liked the sound of the running water, the difference of landscape, mountain and valley.