Unbenanntes Dokument
    Susanne Bosch  
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Exhibition Documentation © Prime Collective 2012

Examples of pages © S.Bosch 2012

Converge is a show organized by PRIME collective in PS2, Belfast, 23 July – 18 August 2012.

From 14 – 18 August 2012 the gallery will host Converge Zone, a series of shelves featuring items (books, objects, images) that inspire or have influenced Belfast practitioners.

I was invited to take part in the project by providing the show with a selection of titles/object/images that I feel are representative of my practice or that have influenced and inspired me. I decided to submit 400 images from my digital archive that were taken between January and July 2012.

"Since 2003, I have a digital camera. It changed my way of developing art work. The camera became my eye, often my pencil and for most parts my notebook. Having a more advanced digital camera since 2008, it became also my ear via audio recordings and a witness of my presence in time and space through video.

The following book is a selection of 400 images from my ongoing archive. They were all taken in 2012 and are to be seen in connection to research for specific art projects.

These images do not function as artistic photography or as art in itself. They do not follow rules of lines, light or composition. When I take pictures, I use them to memorize certain thoughts or ideas I had in that moment. These images contain my questions and function as memo to follow up certain research."