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European Family 2012 © Susanne Bosch, 2012
© Vassiliea Stylianidou, 2012
© Vassiliea Stylianidou, 2012

14-20 May 2012, Berlin, STUDIOvisits
4-8 September 2012, Kassel, MS IM-PORT//EX- PORT

5’08 min, DVD
Filming: Almut Determeyer
Editing: Susanne Bosch
© Susanne Bosch, 2012

The video My European Family 2012 portraits my own multi-national European family and its situation in 2012. With many thanks to: Ilse Bosch, Joachim Bosch, Katia Siracusano, Alessia Siracusano-Bosch, Stephanie Bosch, Stefanos Kokkalis, Dragan Miloshevski, Christiane and An- dreas Bosch, Tim Linus and Leonie Sophia Bosch.

HOLIDAYS IN GREECE is a performative installation that took place in May 2012 in Berlin.

HOLIDAYS IN GREECE is conceived and realised by STUDIOvisits, Berlin, a project of encounters taken in random intervals between artists, theorists, architects and the public.
The archive and documentation of the project HOLIDAYS IN GREECE will be on display on MS IM-PORT//EX-PORT in Kassel from 4-8th of September 2012 in an installation

Concept and realisation; STUDIOvisits, Berlin.
With the support of Lo and Behold.


Curator: Vassiliea Stylianidou